Viking, The Last Knight

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Viking, The Last Knight

Viking, The Last Knight is a series of adventure novels set in medieval and crusading times, at the end of the 13th century..
This saga is the work of the author Tolmarher.
Currently, a total of four novels have been published and in 2023, the fifth will be released.
The first two titles of the saga will be published in translation in January 2022, and the other two existing English-language titles are scheduled for publication in February 2022.

BOOK I – Viking, The Last Knight
BOOK II – Viking and Almogávar
BOOK III – Viking and Hashshashin (To be published in translation in 2023)
BOOK IV – Viking, Highlander (To be published in translation in 2023)


1291, The Fall of Acre

Viking, The Last Knight takes you into a key moment in history; The Siege of Acre, which took place in 1291 and resulted in the loss of the city of Acre from Christian hands. It is considered one of the most important battles of the period, and is often cited by historians as the event that marked the end of the Crusades. When Acre fell, the Crusaders lost their last major stronghold in the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. However, they still retained control of a fortress to the north in the city of Tartus (Syria), and made several coastal raids as well as an attempt at reconquest from the small island of Arwad, which they subsequently lost in 1302 at the Siege of Arwad. By this time, the Crusaders no longer held land, cities or fortresses in the Holy Land.

The Southern Crusade

In the last decade of the 13th century a new crusade is still alive on the other side of the Mediterranean, in the distant lands of Al-Andalus.

The action now takes us to the other side of the known world, where Torstein will honour the memory of the Castilian Templar with whom he fought at Acre. New allies and new enemies will lead him back to war, in a hostile and distant land. Following in the wake of a Genoese merchant and some bellicose Almogavars, who will see in the Viking a fierce warrior to follow on the way to the great battle that lies ahead.

The Castilian Wars

Once in Castile, Torstein will have to get involved in the Castilian wars. After the death of Sancho IV, the Brave, the prince Don Juan will aspire to usurp the throne from the son of Sancho and Queen Maria de Molina, Prince Ferdinand.

The struggle for Scottish independence

The fourth novel represents a complete turnaround in Torstein’s story. He must return to his hashshashin essence to save his son.
The Viking must enter the conflict between the English King Edward and the legendary Scottish warlord William Wallace.

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