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Legends of the Black Sun

Legends of the Black Sun is a series of dark science fiction novels, published since 2017.
This saga is the work of the author Tolmarher.
There are 7 novels in total and one more in the pipeline.
In January 2022 the first 3 books will be translated into English, and in February the next three will be published, with the last two books of the saga to be published in March.


Viking, The Last Knight

Viking, The Last Knight is a series of adventure novels set in medieval and crusading times, at the end of the 13th century..
This saga is the work of the author Tolmarher.
Currently, a total of four novels have been published and in 2023, the fifth will be released.
The first two titles of the saga will be published in translation in January 2022, and the other two existing English-language titles are scheduled for publication in February 2022.



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