Legends of the Black Sun

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Legends of the Black Sun

Legends of the Black Sun is a series of dark science fiction novels, published since 2017.
This saga is the work of the author Tolmarher.
There are 7 novels in total and one more in the pipeline.
In January 2022 the first 3 books will be translated into English, and in February the next three will be published, with the last two books of the saga to be published in March.

BOOK I – The Stellar Tomb
BOOK II – Emissaries of Chaos
BOOK III – The Return of the Lineage
BOOK IV – The Shadow of Evil (To be published in translation in 2023)
BOOK V – Revelations (To be published in translation in 2023)
BOOK VI – Phantom Incursion (To be published in translation in 2023)
BOOK VII – Exiles (To be published in translation in 2023)
BOOK VIII – In preparation…

You are immersed in a dark universe, very much in the style of the great series of the genre. Two thousand six hundred years have passed since humanity escaped from the Machine Mind through a wormhole into an unknown region of the universe, colonising hundreds of star systems across the Exodus galaxy. Now, countless human nations are spread out in an unsettling patchwork of civilisations, religions, reality-defying technologies and political interests.
Deckard is a smuggler who has gone into debt to underworld moneylenders to obtain a star map that will lead him to an unexplored region of the galaxy. But the smuggler’s plans go awry when the only thing he brings back is the most unexpected treasure of all: a mysterious girl, who has lain dormant for centuries inside an ancient drifting starship… Deckard doesn’t yet understand that what he has in his hands is the future of humanity.

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